Saturday, December 19, 2009


The last print of the year. An enamel tea kettle, on flour sacks. These will be available in my Etsy shop by the first of the year. Also, here is a random picture of our Christmas tree.

Monday, December 14, 2009


We have a potbelly stove we affectionately refer to as 'Iris'. When the wind is howling down the chimney and she roars, we personify her by saying things like "Iris is angry". Sometimes she really sounds demonic. Our cat's sprawl out in front of her in absolute bliss. We are hardly ever cold, and our heating bill is pretty reasonable.
While away on our honeymoon is Dennysville, Maine; we stayed at an amazing little cottage on the Denny's River. On each floor of the Narrow's Cottage was a beautiful antique stove. The cook stove was just spectacular and reminiscent of the one in my childhood home. I took pictures because I think I will do a series of prints featuring these old beauties.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Products for a New Year...

2009 was the 'birth year' of The House of Bouton. I have learned so much, and am ready to apply all my newly acquired knowledge to my 2010 year!

New Years Business Resolutions:

1. More green products, materials & improving already sustainable practices.
2. Participate in more fairs/shows.
3. Revamp the ol' etsy shop. Think about opening a 'live' shop!
4. New product designs and ideas.
5. Place products in shops and galleries.
6. Streamline the home studio. Make it more conducive to printing/drying.
7. Make packing and mail order more efficient. Redesign my product packaging and business cards.
8. Find a less expensive source for inks, papers & other materials.
9. Blog Bi-Weekly.
10. Get my hands on a letter press!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


While using recycled felt for numerous projects this year, I noticed my cats loved it. I think its something about the texture and the way it gets caught on their claws. One day I took some of the felt and sewed it into a pouch and stuffed it with cat nip, the cats went nuts! The felt also held up really nicely to their fury. The next evolution was creating some that looked nicer then the first few. I had carved a really cute 'finch' block and decided to try printing that on the recycled felt. I then sewed a backing and put a natural jute loop at the top (cats LOVE this as well.) Then it was stuffed with freshly dried organic catnip. I had to hide them in my studio from my two little demons. And that is how The Original, 'House of Bouton' Cat Toy was born. Look for hand printed stuffed mice with jute tails, coming soon!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Flour Sacks

I have been planning to print these towels for months. My original hope was to print on unbleached flour sacks, but in terms of start up capital it was just not possible. So, look for these and other new designs coming in 2010 on natural, unbleached cotton towels and cloth napkins. The ones pictured here are printed on 100% cotton, 30"x30" flour sacks, great for drying dishes, or just for decoration. Paper towels are just not that cool.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


A few years ago my husband Matthew saved this dresser from the dump. (We both have a habit of returning from the dump with something.) I don't take things anymore, because a mean man told me not to. Apparently scrap metal is very precious, especially when you sell it to the Chinese. Matt turned the dresser over to me, and last year I painted it a burnt orange topped with a black glaze. It sat this way for a while, then I decided it needed 'embellishment'. This is my first really successful 'reclaimed furniture' attempt. The pattern is from a very old book my Mom gave me called 'Early American Decorating Patterns'. It is a classic Pennsylvania Dutch design, which I just love.

Going to market

After spending months building an inventory, I ventured to my first art/craft fair last week. At the end of two painfully slow days, I was able to pay for my booth. Looking on the bright side the booth was really expensive. All in all it was a really good learning experience. Check out some pictures:
I think one of the best parts of that weekend was hanging out with my Mom, we know how to have fun. We watched Max Headroom and ate cookies & veggie burgers.