Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Better Late Then Never

Finally all set up and working in the new studio- It's been nice to leave the house in the morning like a normal person. I find I get much more work done without internet access. The new space is bigger and has storefront potential.

Other exciting news?
1. Taking care of a very sick kitty has proven I do in fact have a maternal instinct. This is good news.
2. Said kitty is much better today.
3. I am going to be a Mom in 3 months!
4. I have all new items in my shop!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Compostest with the Mostest

After realizing it has been almost a month since I posted anything, here it goes! Craziness: ultrasounds, redoing the kitchen floor, moving the studio, moving Matt's office, getting kicked by a super strong fetus.
The two pictures posted above probably seem nonsensical, but they both have a story. The counter top compost container was a gift from Matt's folks, absolutely the most useful gift ever. It has a carbon filter which eliminates odors, plus it looks fancy, I love fancy!
The picture of my cats still continues to elude me. I am convinced Neko did not see Rascal at all, as this is by far the closest they have ever been without a battle royal.
In baby news: Bebe Bouton continues to grow, and I cannot believe we are at the half way mark already. Still trying to figure out how to decorate the nursery, I'm thinking a border of old fashioned hot air balloons.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Stuff

This print "the Line Up" went up in my Etsy shop today.
On another note, today I tried to spell vacuum and came up empty handed. Turns out it is not spelled: vacumm, vacumn, or vaccumn. I was making a list of things we need to buy or replace for our house. I thought if I made a list the money to pay for these things might magically appear. Stranger things have happened!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marching on...

All this rain had flooded everything, including our basement. But alas, it has me thinking of the Spring/Summer. Maine is so beautiful. Things I am looking forward to:
1. The farmers market at Deering Oaks. Just a few blocks away, I love buying fresh flowers and placing a bouquet in every room.
2. Grilling and eating a late dinner on the back porch.
3. Guerilla flower picking on the side of the road.
4. Beach Combing.
5. Eating fish and chips, although I try to make this a year long activity. No need to deny oneself.
6. Opening the windows, and being able to keep them open all night.
7. Laying in the hammock at my Mom's house.
8. Picnics!
9. Spring cleaning, yes I enjoy this. In Feng Shui, we call it 'space clearing', sounds much cooler.
10. Yard Sales!
AND, at the very end of summer, our Baby Bouton arrives. This is what I am looking forward to most. What a trip.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rock On

So, unknown to me until now, are these crazy maternal instincts and nesting compulsions. I am sure they will only get worse, but they have completely taken over and I have decided not to fight them. Hence the polka dot cushion on this chair. Once an old, beat up, brown 70's rocker, I have turned it into the rocking chair for the baby's room. I painted it white and then added a mocha glaze to make it look 'aged'. Thank goodness for sunny weather and zero voc paint. Otherwise, I would have to go until September without painting anything, and that just wouldn't d0. God help me from painting an elephant parade across the walls, but I fear it is only a matter of time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Are You?

Spring is here! I am feeling great. I think I must be the most prolific, pregnant Printmaker ever! Check out the new designs. I am so excited about the owl!