Sunday, December 6, 2009


While using recycled felt for numerous projects this year, I noticed my cats loved it. I think its something about the texture and the way it gets caught on their claws. One day I took some of the felt and sewed it into a pouch and stuffed it with cat nip, the cats went nuts! The felt also held up really nicely to their fury. The next evolution was creating some that looked nicer then the first few. I had carved a really cute 'finch' block and decided to try printing that on the recycled felt. I then sewed a backing and put a natural jute loop at the top (cats LOVE this as well.) Then it was stuffed with freshly dried organic catnip. I had to hide them in my studio from my two little demons. And that is how The Original, 'House of Bouton' Cat Toy was born. Look for hand printed stuffed mice with jute tails, coming soon!

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