Saturday, January 2, 2010

I used to be someone elses duvet cover

Often when I decide to embark on a creative endeavor it is because I am too cheap to buy something new. Thus was the case when we needed curtains for our kitchen and dining room. Have you tried to buy curtains lately? Even toppers are like $30, and you know how little labor was paid to the poor person who made them. So I decided to make them myself, using twice reclaimed fabric! Yes, twice!
I had purchased a lightly used Ralph Lauren duvet cover when I was working at Goodwill years ago. We used it often, but eventually it became ripped, and was a little too 'shabby chic' for my liking. So like any frugal nut, I saved it. The fabric was just too beautiful. When it came time to make the curtains, I knew exactly what fabric to use! The topper template was freehand and came out perfect, it doesn't block any of our limited natural light supply. I saved myself a fair amount of money and did not contribute to our disposable culture, what a feat!

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