Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Little People

You would be amazed the things one finds while demolishing old kitchens. As an artist it can be one the most exciting parts of the job. Here is what I found today:
1. 2 super balls, one hot pink, one blue.
2. A huge embroidery needle.
3. Mouse poops.
Not the most exciting ever, but cool none the less. I find bouncy balls everywhere. There must be more bouncy balls in the world then people. Matt and I once found an entire bag of bouncy balls when cleaning out someones basement.
When we did the demo work in our kitchen, I hit the jackpot. I found a Fisher Price Little Person! Not just any little person, MY little person. The same one I always picked up as a child because she looked like me. I was ecstatic! My sisters and I used to spend hours at the public library playing with these toys, it was a really cool find. I am always hoping that I will find the following things:
1. A time capsule.
2. Money/gold.
3. A china cabinet preserved in time. There is still a possibility we have once of these in my house, I will keep you updated.
4. NOT a skeleton

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