Friday, January 29, 2010

Green Clean

I have challenged myself over the past year or so to lessen my carbon footprint, and really think about the impact of what I buy and what I use. This has lead me to changing all our household cleaners, cosmetics, foods, clothing and other commodities to those which are not harmful to the earth or humanity in general. This was not easy, but I really think it was necessary. I started with cleaning products, the most obvious. I replaced laundry detergent, bleach, dish soap, surface cleaners, etc, with eco-friendly alternatives. What I found surprised me, these new products were much cheaper then the brand name caustic cleaners. I moved next to cosmetics after reading several articles on the lack of regulations on ingredients and toxins. My first move was to stop wearing so much make-up (that was hard). The only make-up I wear now is raw mineral. I replaced shampoos, lotions, etc. with natural and organic products. I have limited myself to buying clothing at The Salvation Army and Marden's. I seriously have not purchased a new article of clothing in over a year. When it's time for new duds, I plan on supporting my bread and butter,

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